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Famous as the number one newspaper in the Tortoise Islands, Loungecast publishes news, humor and adventure. Visit here.

Tortoise Islands

The mysterious and secretive islands, last existing refuge of the living dinosaurs. Visit here.

World Chaos Disorgan­ization

Strategic research, development, hi-tech manufacture and advice for governments and companies. Visit here.

World Stealth Organization

Very little is known by security agencies about the WSO, the most top secret organization of them all. Visit here.

Kingpin Tin

The paradox of the Kingpin, proclaimed Ruler of Robots, and world's largest and most influential robot. Visit here.


The world's most dangerous and wanted criminal controls a ruthless global empire of evil and crime. Visit here.


The ever deepening mystery of who the "Masked Monster" really is, infamous resident of Catastrophe Island. Visit here.


The legendary City of Robots, a place without humans, fastest growing city in the world. Visit here.

The UFO Files

Since the legendary crash of a "flying disk" in Rosmill, Tortoise Islands in 1957, the world has been captivated by this phenomenon. Visit here.

Mental Institute for Strategic Studies

The world's premier research and consulting group, advising world policy makers and top corporations. Visit here.

Turtle Portal

How it all began. The award winning entertainment network based around the Tortoise Islands began at the Turtle Portal. Visit here.


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Alarm Media

Alarm Media presents a selection of the key websites created and owned by the three divisions of Click as a Flash studio. The primary focus is on entertainment, and this is based around the Loungecast and Tortoise Islands websites. A selection of our major sites is featured at left.


1  Entertainment

Our network of fictional entertainment sites is centred around the Tortoise Islands, the secretive country and near neighbor of Galapagos. On Catastrophe Island, the southern island, dinosaurs continue to roam in what is the most dangerous place on earth.

News from the Tortoise Islands and around the globe is covered by Loungecast — often cited as the world's most reliable and influential news source.

The World Chaos Disorganization has it's headquarters in the Tortoise Islands. The WCD needs no introduction; it's fame, influence and reputation are respected around the world.

The world's largest robot — Kingpin Tin is believed by international security agencies to have a presence in the Islands and more information about the Kingpin is published on this site.

The world's largest robot city, Machineville, is located on the northern island, and Kingpin Tin is suspected of involvement in the city's administration and foreign policy.

The Mental Institute for Strategic Studies is renowned for its strategic advice which it provides to governments and corporations worldwide.

2  Domain Names

Domain name investment is another important studio focus, and most of our holdings are represented by Deal Names.

Deal Names is a portfolio of around 800 fine business domain names available for sale. If you wish to buy domain names for your business or startup, this exceptional collection of names is worth considering. All our inventory is listed at fixed prices for fast and secure purchase with secure escrow.

Short, memorable and brandable domains are becoming highly sought-after. Our sister company Tech Brand is a fine folio of catchy, rare and brandable names available for rapid purchase. These domain holdings are all exclusively "dotcom" name extensions — and are exceptionally rare.

In late 2013 up to 1,400 new general "top level domain names" are set to begin release. Joining the current generic and country code domains are many many new domain extensions — plus two major new categories. Hundreds of the world's largest corporations are set to launch new domain strings based on their trademarks. And more than 60 cities and regions are planning on launching new domains based on their names. Domain Name Explosion presents an overview of the program.

Around 680 of the world's major corporations, from Google to General Electric, are going to launch their own brand domains as part of the extended new top level domain program. These new domain extensions are about to create an exciting and entirely new category of internet domains. There will be websites called and These game-changing dot brands are covered at The Brand Domains.

The process for allocating the generic top level domains (gTLDs) is very seriously flawed. An aspect of this — the potential for the rise of powerful super monopolies on the web — is covered by Super Monopolies... There is no specific mandatory prohibition by ICANN, the internet regulatory authority, that companies cannot exclusively own common dictionary word extensions such as .news, .shop, .game and countless more. And many intend to do just that. Protest is growing against these anti-competitive closed gTLDs.

3  Internet Business

Online commerce is the third focus of Click as a Flash. Some projects in this growing division involve partners.

Tasmania Travel is a great resource for information about travel in the beautiful tourist destination and island paradise of Tasmania.

A map of Australia featuring time from around the nation is published at AU Time. The times update live on screen every second. You can also find info about Australian time zones and as a bonus, New Zealand live time is presented as well.

Accurate time updated live every second on screen is published at Time In with additional articles about incredible tourist attractions in London for visitors.

Information about "The Big Apple" and of course accurate time updated by the second is presented at Time In NY. There is also info about exciting travel destinations for New York visitors.

A concise introduction on an important insurance category, looking after your valuable office equipment, is provided at Business Equipment Insurance.

Buy Pastamakers provides information about home pasta maker machines. And a description about how to make your own delicious pasta is outlined at

NewsOn.TV is a site where multiple YouTube® news channels from highly respected media organizations converge in one convenient place.



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Alarm Media is a partner company of the domain name site DealNames (a store where you can buy domain names) TechBrand (the specialist in brandable domains) and the Turtle Portal group, an entertainment portal based around Loungecast and the Tortoise Islands.

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